Smaller families = better lives for all

Our population is having a detrimental effect on our planet. Ever-increasing numbers of people have more impact across the globe – climate change, poverty and species extinction are a clear result of overpopulation. 

We believe that choosing to have a smaller family is key. 

But what does that mean? It means choosing to have just one or two children, or even none.

By choosing to have a smaller family, we can all live within our means, reduce the pressure on our Earth’s resources, protect the natural world and ensure that there is enough of everything we need for everyone– something we all have a right to.


Of course, people make this planet what it is.

Our friends, families, colleagues enrich our lives, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. But to make sure our planet can sustain everyone, we need to think seriously about what a sustainable population looks like.

Population Matters is empowering people to choose smaller families by raising awareness of the issue, education, access to ethical family planning programmes, and lobbying government.

We only have one Earth. We need to reduce the pressure we’re putting on it.


What you can do

You can make the biggest difference of all. You can choose to have a smaller family and enjoy the benefits this brings.

By choosing to have a smaller family you are also putting less strain on the Earth’s resources and reducing the detrimental effects we are having on our environment.


Life in a smaller family 

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