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Help CHASE Africa bring free family planning services to Kenyan communities with an unmet need. Your donation towards CHASE’s £3,000 target will help cover the cost of three mobile day-clinics, enabling up to 600 people to access modern contraception.

Support this project to help Kenyans in remote and low-income communities plan their families. With the power to choose the number and spacing of their children, they can keep their families to an affordable size and gain a chance to break free from poverty.

By backing this project, you’re helping to tackle the misinformation, lack of access and cost barriers that prevent many people in Kenya from using contraception.

About CHASE Africa

Mission: To enable women and families to reduce poverty and achieve improved livelihoods through choosing the number and spacing of their children, within a more sustainable environment.

Type of organisation: UK registered charity, no: 1082958

Founded: 2000

Summary of work:

CHASE Africa works across East Africa to deliver family planning and healthcare to marginalised communities, via a network of local NGO partners. The charity takes a rights-based approach that always prioritises the needs of the people it serves.

CHASE’s partners deliver family planning and general medical care via mobile medical units, run by Ministry of Health-approved staff. These services are combined with conservation work in the same locations – helping to create the robust, healthy environments that are essential for communities to achieve and sustain a better quality of life.

Crowdfunding for family planning

The problem

Women and couples from Kenya’s rural communities often struggle to access contraception. Their nearest medical clinic may be very far away, and – as family planning is a low priority for Kenya’s struggling health service – it may not even be stocked with contraceptive supplies.

The solution

CHASE needs your help to raise £3,000. This funding will:

  • Pay for three mobile day-clinics, capable of delivering free contraception (including 3- or 5-year sub-cutaneous implants and 3-month injections) to up to 600 people in total. 

The exact locations of the clinics are to be confirmed, but CHASE will work with the local Kenyan Ministry of Health offices to establish which communities stand to benefit the most.

We depend on our members and supporters

Why Kenya

In the last 25 years, Kenya’s population has almost doubled – from 25 million to over 48 million people. According to Government data, approximately 40% of fertile women do not use family planning.

Although family planning services are supposed to be available for free in Kenya, the reality is that clinics often make charges that poor people can’t afford. Travel costs are also a barrier, as many communities are located long distances away from their nearest clinic.

As rapid population growth in Kenya puts an ever-increasing strain on natural resources, it becomes more and more difficult for parents to provide for their children and ultimately to improve their family’s quality of life.

Why CHASE Africa

CHASE Africa’s impact has been truly impressive. To date, the charity has enabled over 108,000 family planning treatments to be delivered to women in marginalised communities.

Key to CHASE’s success is the charity’s understanding of the causes that underlie poverty – and how they interconnect.

In Kenya, social pressure to have large families is widespread, and in many communities contraception is surrounded by misinformation and myth. To counteract this, CHASE’s partners use ‘mobilisers’ – trained local people who communicate the benefits of family planning to communities before the mobile clinic arrives. Mobilisers dispel myths, explain the benefits of family planning and – by opening up the conversation – help give women who’d like fewer children a chance to acknowledge it.


Support CHASE Africa today to:

  • Help supply modern contraception to poor and marginalised Kenyan communities 
  • Enable women and couples to plan their families and gain a chance to break out of poverty 
  • Help ease population pressure. 

Quote from NGO

“Family planning is taken for granted in the UK, but this is not the case in Kenya and as a result there are many unwanted pregnancies, creating problems and poverty in many families. £7.50 is all it costs to provide a woman with access to family planning of her choice, with all the life-changing benefits that it brings. Thank you for supporting our work, for giving women choice, and for helping bring poverty to an end.”

Henry Pomeroy, Director of CHASE Africa

Donate now to give 100s of people access to contraception

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